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Raising the Ritalin Generation

I remember the moment my son’s teacher told us, “Just a little medication could really turn things around for Will.” We stared at her as if she were speaking Greek.

“Are you talking about Ritalin?” my husband asked.

Bronwen Hruska, NYT Sunday Review – August 18, 2012

Library Journal Starred Review

“Debut author [Bronwen Hruska] has woven an engagingly believable narrative with just the right amount of snark. VERDICT This compelling story of high-pressure early academics in Manhattan will appeal to readers of Tom Perrotta, Jennifer Haigh, and other authors whose novels about families in a particular segment of society illuminate the larger human condition.”

Private Schools, Medication, and Gossip Magazines: A Conversation with “Accelerated” Author Bronwen Hruska

Jon Reiss, Vol. 1 Brooklyn – November 12, 2012

Book Notes- Bronwen Hruska’s ‘Accelerated’

largehearted boy – October 19, 2012

Bronwen Hruska: An Epidemic of Over-medicated Children

Shelf Awareness – October 12, 2012

Bronwen Hruska’s Dystopian Vision of Attention Deficit Disorder

Robert David Jaffee, The Huffington Post – October 12, 2012

Bronwen Hruska talks parenting pressure, ADD, and ‘Accelerated’

Jasmine Elist, Los Angeles Times – October 9, 2012

Vanity Fair Hot Type Selection

Vanity Fair – October 2012

Life In The Fast Lane

“In her riveting novel, Accelerated (Pegasus), Bronwen Hruska skewers the parenting habits of affluent Manhattanites through the perspective of suddenly single dad Sean Benning.”

O Magazine – October 2012

Bronwen Hruska’s ‘Accelerated’- Do we really want the best for our children? September 29, 2012

Five New and Forthcoming Novels to Sink Your Teeth Into

Brooklyn Based- September 21, 2012

Faster Pussycat: PW Talks with Bronwen Hruska

Publishers Weekly – August 17, 2012

Publishers Weekly Review of Accelerated

“A witty, piercingly relevant debut novel.” August 13, 2012

Authors in the Biz

Do Authors in the publishing biz have an inherent leg up?

Publishing Trends – August 9, 2012

Book Talking My Way Through ALA: ALA Annual 2012

Parents’ Warning. Browen Hruska’s…cautionary tale is universal: “It’s not just this school, not just Manhattan, and not just New York, but all over the country.” My prediction: lots of controversy when the book publishes.

Barbara Hoffert, Library Journal – June 25, 2012

The Book Reporter

“There’s a lot to talk about once you finish it; I can see book groups weighing in on all sides of the meds issue as there is much to explore. When I was reading it, I saw a piece in the New York Times talking about kids snorting drugs before the SATs to improve their focus. Wild!”

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“A smart, sexy thriller balanced on top of a real-life horror story.” – Madison Smartt Bell, Author of The Color of Night

“A kind of Kramer v. Kramer meets Erin Brockovich in a dark dystopia with baby pharmaceuticals packed in lunch boxes.” – Jennifer Belle, Author of The Seven Year Bitch




Alan Schwarz, The New York Times – October 9, 2012

Risky Rise of the Good-Grade Pill

Alan Schwarz, The New York Times – June 9, 2012

Are You Listening? Your Child May Not Actually Have ADHD

Brian Fung, The Atlantic – June 19, 2012